Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hanley Ramirez swing videos

Hanley Ramirez is a guy that I've always enjoyed watching.  To have his combination of size, speed and power is rare and impressive.

Here's a look at El Nino's swing in several different slow motion views...

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This first one starts in regular speed and slows to 120 frames per second (fps).  The pitch is a fastball that he hits off the right field wall for a triple:



Clip #2 is a higher speed of 240 fps and shows Hanley making an adjustment to an off-speed pitch and still hitting a line drive double to left field.  Ramirez  is able to delay the unloading of his upper body - can you see the hesitation after his foot lands?



Lastly, this super slo-mo shot shows what an incredible pre-swing move Hanley has.  This type of body control during the load is really special:



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