Monday, November 7, 2011

Training Faciltity of Champions

In this specific case, it's Wimbledon (tennis) champions, but take a few minutes to watch this video about Russia's most well known tennis academy - Spartak:

I first heard of Spartak when I read Daniel Coyle's book, The Talent Code, and this video gives a glimpse inside the facility and training approach.

What's the difference between the Spartak approach?  Here is a key piece:
In Russia, it’s about the coaches – not the schools, Volkov believes.

“A coach in this country is a graduate, with a specific degree. All our coaches are Spartak alumni. And it’s a known fact that European and especially American methods refer to the physical rather than the technical side of things – which is different here in this country,” he said.

At Spartak, it starts with the goals of the kids (which you can hear in the video) and grows with the focus on the quality of deliberate practice and expert instruction.

These are the same principles that create the foundation for the hitting & training facility - The Warehouse:

[caption id="attachment_2939" align="aligncenter" width="349" caption="The Swing Training Warehouse in Palm Beach, Florida"][/caption]