Monday, January 7, 2013

Action of the Hips in the Baseball Swing

Eric Cressey posted an article over the weekend that I wrote for his blog covering the topic of hip extension and rotation in the baseball swing.  I wanted to hit on this issue because hip extension is a very powerful movement of the posterior chain, but it isn't often thought of or taught as part of rotation, especially in the baseball swing.

Here's a couple videos from the post that give a close up look at hip rotation from the side and front views:

Hip Rotation Side View

Hip Rotation Front View

The article itself describes what's going on in the videos based on EMG research from both golf and baseball, and has some thoughts on how you can work on your hip action in the weight room as well as the batting cage.

One line from the article warrants repeating here:
Here’s the key point: good hip rotation has an element of hip extension!

Give the article a read and spend some time at Eric's website or follow him on twitter.  He's doing a lot of good things in the world of baseball training.


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  2. Eric Cressey posted an article throughout the weekend that I composed for his site covering the subject of hip augmentation and revolution in the baseball swing. I needed to hit on this issue since hip expansion is an effective development of the back chain, yet it isn't frequently considered or taught as a major aspect of revolution, particularly in the baseball swing.

    Keri C. Poe

  3. You have a point. thanks for tutorials and videos, really easy to understand now.

    Jerry K.

  4. Why is your swing important? A lot of it has to do with simple physics. I don’t want to get into a science lesson here but it’s not hard to see that if you swing through a batted ball properly it will go further and if you make contact with the ball in the certain area of the bat you will hit the ball harder. Your baseball swing
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    When you get into the batter’s box the first thing you should do is reach and tap your bat on the front far corner of home plate. By doing that you will position yourself so you can cover the whole strike zone with the bat from where you stand. After doing that, next you want to spread your feet shoulder width apart. Once you have done that, then next take your foot that is furthest away from the pitcher and move it toward the outside of the batter’s box about three inches.


    In order to grip a bat properly first, you will place both hands at the very bottom of the baseball bat handle one over the other. The hand you will follow through with on your swing will be the bottom hand of course. Next, separate both index fingers from the other three as you hold the bat so each knuckle on those fingers points away from the bat in a 45-degree angle. This will place the bat more in your fingers than your palms and also help you relax your grip which will help increase you swing speed.

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