Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Specific Swing Training - Load the Hips

"Sports specific strength training means coordination training against resistance"

This description comes from the intro to Frans Bosch's book - Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrative Approach

I've been thinking and working on more ways to "integrate" three things:

1. weight room exercises
2. specific swing training drills (ie. implement training)
3. hitting instruction (ie swing mechanics)

Toss in some video, and I guess it's really 4 things.  Separately, I think these can become overwhelming.  But application doesn't have to be - this is where 'coaching' comes into play.

Here is a recent example of this application:

This is a HS player with a D1 commitment - he's already a pretty good player.

At 10:08 am I filmed him doing a drill for max bat speed with a regular weight bat.  Then I showed him an illustration of the action of his hips during his load compared to a more efficient position.

Initial swing comparison

We had a resisted lateral bound drill inside the gym as part of our circuit and used this drill to specifically teach the loading pattern of the hips.  When he got the action correct, I showed him an image of what it looked like.  You can see from the time stamps in the pictures - this took 4 minutes!

comparison of swing to resistance exercise

Without any further verbal instruction on the swing, this player got back out to the swing portion of the circuit and.....

before (left) - after (right)

*time stamp in last image is 1:08 PM because I made it at a later date.  The actual time of the "after" swing on the right side is at 10:27 AM.  So the whole process of video review, teaching/learning new action and implementing into similar swing drill took about 11 minutes total and changed the rest of the swings and drills in the workout.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Circle of the Hands

Search for the Perfect Swing is a cool book from 1968 that lays out a model of the golf swing.  Here's an except related to swing plane.

"The circle of the Hands" (p21):

"The swings...show very clearly the way the hands are swing in a circle about a point somewhere in the upper part of the chest."

We talk a lot about swing path being up, down or level.  Most often we're referencing the path of the swing in reference to the ground or the pitch.

But reading passages like these, and other related work, has changed my thought process to think of the swing path in relation to the body instead.

Path of hands and club relative to body